No Beating around the Bush - Percussion Concert

10. březen 2025

Studio 1, Czech Radio, Monday 10 March 2025 at 7.30 pm

Percussion Group of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Ivan Hoznedr
Tibor Adamský
Šimon Veselý
Ladislav Bilan
Jakub Tengler

Just like the heartbeat is a part of life, rhythm is a part of music. It is encoded in human DNA with percussion instruments being always around since the dawn of time. Every child wants to play one, whether it comes in the form of their mother’s pots and lids or a real drum. For some, the desire and need to divide time into rhythmic patterns has lasted well into adulthood. It has nothing to do with mathematics though. Come and enjoy the beautiful and magical music performed by the percussion group of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The concert is broadcast live by Czech Radio station D-dur.

Individual ticket: 200 CZK

The organiser reserves the right to change the list of scheduled performers.

author: SOČR
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