Fairytale Afternoon

13. duben 2019

Forum Karlín, 13 April 2019 at 3:00 p.m.


Sergei Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf live
Oscar®-winning cartoon movie with live music
The Proud Princess
, music by Dalibor C. Vačkář
Month's Rulers
, music by Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý
Kitty Mama
, music by Ondřej Brousek

Jan Kučera - conductor

This fairytale afternoon is designed for fairytale-lovers big and small. You will hear the well-known melodies from the movies The Proud Princess, Kitty Mama and Month's Rulers. The first half of the concert will belong to Prokofiev's musical fairytale Peter and the Wolf.

The world today is being taken over by film music, but even in the post-war period it had its heroes and contributed to the popularity of films and especially fairytales. The Proud Princess has already become a classic and the scene when the princess and the disguised King Miroslav slide down a log into the river has imprinted itself in the memory of young and old alike. The author of the music, Dalibor C. Vačkář wrote the work, which is almost a musical, and the title song Rozvíjej se poupátko (Develop Little Bud) was based on the motifs from the poems of František Hrubín.

We can also by rights count Ondřej Brousek and Ondřej Brzobohatý Gregor as composers of fairytale music. Brousek's magical Kitty Mama in the eponymous fairytale sticks to the principle of "you must take the first step, only then can spells help you". Maruška also goes to meet magic halfway when she has to fulfil her stepmother's nonsensical wishes and looks for help from the twelve Brother Months.

Prokofiev's symphonic fairytale Peter and the Wolf tells the story of a small boy who lives in the countryside with his grandfather. Peter is surrounded by many animals, the sounds of which are always assigned to a single instrument. The flute sings like a bird, the cat meows like a clarinet and the grandfather has a deep voice like a bassoon. The onomatopoeic and descriptive music culminates in the end with a triumphant march. The Peter and the Wolf film by British director Suzie Templeton received an Oscar for best animated short in 2008.

Ticket prices: CZK 440 / 390 / 340 / 290

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