SOČR & Jiří Levíček: Morana

20. říjen 2022

Jiří Levíček belongs to our most prominent jazz personalities. He has a rich career behind him, from solo jazz interpretation to playing in a trio to composing a piano concerto accompanied by a symphony orchestra. In the latest composition, which he composed for PRSO together with his wife Chaazi, he elaborated the story of a fairy who leaves her underwater home and sets out on land to find a medicinal plant called morena.

Bastien Stil conductor | Chaazi Levíček mezzo-soprano | Milan Paľa violin | Jiří Levíček piano

Instead, however, she meets a tribe of Slavs who take her in. The fairy gradually gets used to the unknown community until she fully surrenders to the new culture and its traditions. However, over time, she discovers that acceptance from the other side is far from as simple as she had hoped. Through her own difference, she sets up a mirror for her hosts that they are not exactly comfortable with. The main musical theme arising from the storyline is the contrast, which is reflected not only in the instrumentation, but also in the lyrics. They are written partly in Czech and partly in English.

author: SOČR

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