Season Tickets

The PRSO offers four concert series with contrasting genre focuses: classical, intimate and popular. In the case of the first it is pays to buy season tickets. By purchasing season tickets you become a subscriber to entire concert series and can enjoy a number of advantages.

We offer subscriptions for 2 concert series


Ticket prices in individual categories:

1. category 3 600 CZK
2. category 3 300 CZK
3. category 3 100 CZK
4. category 2 750 CZK
5. category 1 600 CZK

venue plan


Ticket prices in individual categories:

1. category 950 CZK
2. category 700 CZK

venue plan

The possibility to purchase a subscription ticket ends on the day of the first concert of the selected subscription series. Thereafter, only single tickets can be purchased.


  • The price of season ticket represents as much as a 50% discount over the basic price of admission for individual concerts.
  • You favourite seats in the hall are ensured for all concerts of the selected cycle.
  • You forgot the necessity of repeatedly buying tickets.
  • Season ticket are transferrable: if you cannot attend a given concert, your family members, friends or acquaintances can make use of them.
  • As a season ticket holder you have a 20% discount on individual tickets from other series

As a season ticket holder you have priority in purchasing subscriber tickets in the next concert season, with the same seats guaranteed.

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