Avishai Cohen presented his most epic project to date, with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

11. listopad 2019

A concert by the exceptional Israeli jazz musician in an unconventional combination with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra will transport the audience to the colourful Middle East better than anything Cohen has ever done before. The bassist’s jazz trio, accompanied by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, played at Forum Karlín in Prague on November 8.

Czech audiences love the double bassist, singer and composer Avishai Cohen, and this love isn’t just one way. It’s therefore no surprise that his concert here featured his most epic project to date. An Evening with Avishai Cohen is a cross-section of his more melodic work from the last two decades, arranged for orchestra and jazz trio by the acclaimed America arranger Robert Sadin.

Avishai Cohen

„Cohen’s music has incredible energy and depth. And the sound of a symphony orchestra can vastly magnify both of these aspects,“ says the PRSO’s director Jakub Čížek. „His style is easily recognisable but wonderfully eclectic: the songs of the Sephardi Jews alternate with more elaborate compositions based on the European tradition, or flamenco for instance, and on top of all this there is of course jazz improvisation. And Cohen’s singing is getting better and better.“

The present project builds on Cohen’s album Almah (2013), which used simpler arrangements for jazz trio, oboe and string quartet, and the concert will include Hayo Hayta and Song for My Brother from the album. There will also be new arrangements of earlier and better-known pieces such as Morenika and Alon Basela.

Avishai Cohen

Besides the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by the Swedish conductor Alex Hanson, Cohen was accompanied by his regular fellow musicians: pianist Elchin Shirinov and drummer Noam David.

Avishai Cohen’s career began in the 1990s, and after working for the pianist Chick Corea he soon launched a successful solo career, which Czech audiences have followed from the start. He has released many successful albums that bridge jazz and world music, and he has never rejected pop music, which he has tastefully incorporated into his more recent recordings. Today he is a star around the world, with a popularity that reaches well beyond the jazz community.

You can buy tickets for the concert here.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

Alexander Hanson – conductor
Avishai Cohen – bassist, vocals
Elchin Shirinov – piano
Noam David – drums


author: SOČR
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