Adam Plachetka christened his new record in an original manner. Godfather Vojta Dyk received it on a shovel

7. říjen 2020

On Tuesday, 24 November, precisely a month before Christmas Eve, Czech bass-baritone Adam Plachetka celebrated the release of the new album Music Man. He also invited a star to the rooftop of Lucerna as the godfather, actor and singer Vojta Dyk. With humour all their own, both the artists christened the album masterfully. They even maintained maximum social distancing during the actual celebratory christening of the album – they handed it over on a shovel.

Adam Plachetka, one of the most famous opera singers in the world, is immersing himself in the world of musicals for the second time. On the new CD Music Man, which was released on 2 November, he sang the most well-known melodies from international and classic musicals, such as My Fair Lady, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Misérables and Singing in the Rain.

Adam Plachetka – Music Man

“I really love musicals. It’s a genre in which I can make full use of my voice if I choose the right pieces. I was working on the Music Man album for the last two years. With the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Jindra, we recorded at the end of June and beginning of July of this year,” Adam Plachetka explained, adding: “The album Music Man is actually my dream come true. It includes songs that are not tailored directly for my voice, but thanks to that I had the possibility to uncover its other pitches. It was a great challenge for me. For example, the innkeeper Thénardier from Les Misérables and Herod from Jesus Christ Superstar are songs where there is more talking than singing. I’m not too used to that. But I think that it turned out wonderfully,” he praised.

The album features lots of melodies that I grew up on.
Vojta Dyk

There are usually dozens of people and guests at christenings of new albums, though at the current time it was not possible to get together in large numbers. But Plachetka did not want his fans to lose out on this celebration, so he decided to at least organise the christening live over his social networks. Luckily, he was not alone. He invited his friend, actor and singer Vojta Dyk, to the roof of Lucerna to be the godfather. He himself is a big fan of Adam and also of musicals. He played the title role in the successful musical Holmes, The Legend about the most famous British detective.

“I was really pleased when Adam asked me to become the godfather of his new album of musicals. It was one of the most beautiful events I have experienced. The album features lots of melodies that I grew up on. When I played the CD, I often literally had goosebumps from all that joy and quality that is on the album. In my opinion, Adam Plachetka shows that he is one of the greatest voices in Europe and actually in the world at this time. I am also cheering when an artist goes somewhere different, outside of his comfort zone, and Adam is going far outside his zone,” Vojta Dyk complimented his colleague.

Like a workman

When it came to the act of christening the album, both the artists showed that they are also close in terms of humour. The way they maintained a sufficient distance was highly original. Adam Plachetka picked up a long shovel, placed the CD on it and stretched it out to Dyk. With a laugh, he poured champagne on the platter and Plachetka drew it back. “Now I truly feel like a real shovel slinger,” the operatic giant quipped.

And what did Vojta Dyk wish for the new CD and for Adam? “I hope, of course, that the new album sells as much as possible, especially now before Christmas, when it would make a wonderful present. And my wish for Adam is that people will also be able to listen to his music, and not only the music on this beautiful album, live and in person as soon as possible. In fact, my wish for all artists is that we will be able to what we love so much and pass it on to people. That is what we are struggling with the most in these times,” Vojta Dyk concluded.

author: Robert Rytina
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